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Our mission is to #FREETHEBUTT one article of clothing at a time and continue to spread happiness and freeness throughout the world. We believe by enjoying and loving ourselves every day, we can continue to break down walls and make the world a better place.

Core Concepts

We have launched and are created on three Core Concepts: That of The Proud, The Bold, and The Discreet. Each person does not necessarily align with only one concept, and to truly succeed we believe each person should embody multiple concepts.

The Proud

Love is Love doesn't ring louder anywhere else other than here at Liberated Humans. We support individuality, creativity, freedom, and love! Being proud doesn't only consist of the LGBTQ+ community, but being truly proud of who you are and where you come from. We celebrate sexual orientation, sexual identity, every race, religion, age, gender and more. Never lose yourself and always celebrate what makes you different!

The Bold

To be strong, brave, and audacious, and to stand up when others back down. To fight the good fight, without worries of what others will think of you. To continue to fight for those who may lack confidence or need help to stand up for their beliefs. Being bold to us means that you are not afraid to stand out in a crowd, you are not afraid to have a pair of white cheeks on your charcoal shirt, you celebrate differences and scream from the rooftops who YOU are!

The Discreet

The juxtaposition of The Discreet in comparison to the first two concepts is the very reason we see the importance of including The Discreet in our Core Concepts. All good things come in balance and harmony. It is just as important to be bold, and proud, as it is to sometimes listen to others and sometimes take a back seat. The Discreet are the unseen pillars in our community who are just as proud to show their buns, but take a different approach in their pride and celebration. We tip our hats to The Discreet as we see them every day in our communities, even at times when we don't know it.